David M Allan


    As a child I was a voracious reader, borrowing from the local library to the max I could get away with. I often used my father’s tickets as well as my own, which gave me access to writers such as Verne and Wells who were “too advanced” for children. I devoured their books with enthusiasm.

    I was soon haunting the three bookshops in Edinburgh that carried American imports and the yellow spines of DAW books quickly came to dominate my bookshelves.

    The idea of writing books of my own sneaked up on me gradually but I never did anything about it. This was largely because studying medicine, then specialising in radiology and working for the NHS left me little time. Also, I had this idea that writers were a breed apart from us ordinary mortals.

    When I retired I had time on my hands and wondered what to do with it. The discovery of a course in Creative Writing at Middlesex University with a special emphasis on SFF stimulated me.

    And I started writing …