In common with many writers, I’ve been asked where my ideas come from. That’s a difficult question. One writer, I’m not sure who, is supposed to have said “I don’t get ideas, they get me.”

    That just about sums it up for me too. 

   I used the idea that became The Empty Throne as the dissertation piece for my MA. It developed from an image of an armoured man standing, sword at the ready, in front of an unoccupied throne, similar in many ways to the book cover.

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say I wrote the book to find out why he was there and why the throne was empty …


    “Three thrones, one of metal, one of wood, and one of stone, stand in the Citadel. They guard a gateway to another world.  Creatures from the other world, kulun, can possess and control humans.

    Expeditions have gone through the gateway in attempts to close it. None have ever returned.

    Ghostly images of the heroes who led the expeditions normally sit on the thrones — but now the Throne of Stone is empty and the kulun can come through.

    Family feuds, border disputes, deep-rooted rivalries and bigotry make for a potentially unstable world, a perfect environment for a kulun looking to create havoc …”

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