The idea behind this book was born during a residential creative writing weekend. The assignment was to describe a place with personality. My place was an inn with multiple doors leading to many different places.  After the weekend it was parked in the Ideas folder on my computer.

    Years later I combined this idea with another about a vampire who didn’t suck blood from its victims but took magic instead.

    Naturally these ideas changed during the writing of Quaestor …


    “In Anarya’s world many people have limited magical talents. She has one of the rarest, being able to borrow anybody else’s talent for a short time.

    With her partner she works as an investigator in the city of Carregis but business is poor. So, when an opportunity arises to work for Count Graumedel they can’t turn it down, despite their misgivings about it.

    Soon they are embroiled in state secrets and the personal vendettas of a murdered champion, a cabal, a puppet king and a false god looking for one who has defied him.”

    Published by Elsewhen Press, this book is available from or