I’ve been reading science fiction and fantasy for well over fifty years. About fifteen years ago I decided to start writing. The first attempts were, predictably, terrible. As my writing improved, at least in my own mind, I started submitting stories to magazines and publishers. After accumulating the traditional stack of rejections I have had four stories published in online magazines.

Success stories

Here are links to my published stories 

Missing Apocalypse 


Up or Down 

Gunther’s  Walk 


Work in Progress

Quaestor - a Fantasy novel

I have attended the Milford Writer’s Conference twice and I am involved with several critiquing groups including a BSFA Orbit group.

The Middle Oak Group started with a number of the Middlesex MA students carrying on meeting after the course ended.

The T-Party is a London based group which meets monthly and Writers In Need of Support (WINOS) is a local group meeting twice a month.